Sunday, 17 October 2010

Deer mayhem

My family and I went on an outing to Tatton Park yesterday to see the Red Deer rutting. Sadly they weren't rutting, but I still got some great pictures of the males with their impressive antlers.

Not such impressive antlers - but they will be bigger next year when he has grown a bit more.

This stag was lying quite close to the path and roaring. We could hear the roar from a long distance away and the roar of another stag replying.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

It is hot out!

We went out looking for fungi today. It is a great time of year to find it and after the heavy rains last week we had hoped to get lucky.

My dad made me put on a hoodie and coat as we left the house, but it turned out to be really hot. The temperature gauge in the car said it was 19 degrees centigrade.

We did spot fungi and my dad took lots of images, but we also came across a small bush with a few flowers left which some Red Admiral and Comma butterflies were making the most of.

You can see from the pictures that lots of the flowers are already dead and the butterflies will soon have nothing left to feed on.